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A-410M (MTK) GPS Radar Detector

Bluetooth GPS Radar Detector

A-410M GPS Radar Detector uses the latest MTK GPS technology to provide accurate advance warnings of fixed and mobile speed cameras in the road ahead. A-410M can also be used as GPS receiver or USB GPS mouse for transmitting GPS data to a PDA, smart phone or notebook computer for navigation use. A-410M allows 20 hours continuous use with a single battery charge.

Features of Bluetooth GPS RadarDetector:

  • GPS receiver and speed camera reminder all in one
  • Speed camera and over speeding voice alerts
  • Speed camera data base (POI: Point of Interest) upload/download via mini USB
  • Customized database with user utility software
  • Four MB Flash memory
  • Power mode setting: GPS only
  • Vibration sensor for power management
  • Supports speaker sounds, and LED indications
  • Ultra low power consumption, up to 20 hours of continuous use with battery fully charged
  • Rechargeable 1100mA Li-ion battery with original Japanese made battery cells
  • Cold/Warm/Hot start time: 36/33/1 sec. (average)
  • 32 channels "All-in-View" tracking.
  • High sensitivity: -158dbm
  • Build-in high-gain antenna Saved camera database including: longitude, latitude, speed limit, camera type, and camera direction

    A-410M (MTK) Bluetooth GPS Speed Camera Detector

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