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K-18 Long Battery Life Offline Tracking Solution

offline tracking

This solution is mainly designed for offline covert tracking application. K-18 data logger connects itself to 5500mA or 11000mA battery to extend its battery life. With motion sensor built in, it only records GPS data when it's moving so as to store valid and practical data in its 2G micro SD card. K-18 along with extended battery is placed in the waterproof box with magnet bracket. It's removable and can be attached to the bottom of the vehicles or anything that doesn't require installation. It withstands rigid environment and is favored by security demands, personnel and fleet monitoring. Its complete and cost effective tracking features provide a plug and play solution to business owners and commercial markets.

Features of Offline Tracking:

  • Data Logger with long battery life, optional 5500mA or 11000mA
  • Waterproof protection to fit all kinds of harsh environment
  • Removable, easy to install device with Magnetic Bracket
  • Black appearance suitable for covert tracking applications

    Complete Package of Offline Tracking:

  • K-18 data logger
  • 2G Micro SD card
  • 5500mA or 11000mA battery
  • Black waterproof box with/without magnet
  • Big battery charger
  • USB cable for charging
  • Wall Adapter

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