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R-33 Car Alarm System

car alarm system

With R-33 Car Alarm System, protecting your car only takes one Flip

R-33 is designed to be used as a simple, useful and affordable GPS car alarm. The unit can be used with any mobile phone for protecting your cars, motorcycles, bicycles or other valuable assets. Simply flip on the parking sensor switch, toss it in your car and forget about it.

If R-33 senses 3 movements within 30 seconds, it will send you the exact address, moving direction and speed of your car. With R-33' help, you can be worry-free!!

Features of Car Alarm System

  • Latest uBlox LEA5S GPS module
  • Panic button
  • Stop-motion alert or park alert
  • Sleep modes for power saving
  • Audio surveillance

    Characteristics of Car Alarm System:

  • No setting, just a quick flip on the switch
  • No installation, simply toss it in the car
  • No longitude and latitude, just addresses.

    Package of Car Alarm System:

  • R-33 GPS Alarm Unit
  • Charging USB cable and adapter

    ARKNAV Datasheet R-33

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