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R-35S GPS Covert Tracking

R-35S GPS Covert Tracking

R-35S GPS Covert Tracking surveillance system is a customized real time tracking solution specially designed for covert tracking. Based on the features of R-35, we have developed an ideal solution to intensify the strength of police force and law enforcement. The unit's special design brings the advantage of its capability to connect to large capacity batteries, such as 5500mA or 11000mA battery to extend its tracking duration. Both unit and battery are firmly placed in the waterproof box with magnetic bracket to cling to the assets. It's removable and can be attached to the bottom of the vehicles or anything that doesn't require installation. This innovative solution applies to tracking valuable goods, cargo, and expensive equipment.

Features of Covert Tracking:

  • R-35 real time tracking with long battery life, optional 5500mA or 11000mA.
  • Waterproof protection to fit all kinds of rigid environment
  • Removable, easy to install with Magnetic Bracket
  • Black appearance suitable for covert tracking applications

    Complete Package of Covert Tracking:

  • R-35 Personal/Asset Tracker
  • 5500mA/11000mA battery
  • Black waterproof box with/without magnet
  • Big battery charger
  • USB cable for charging and configuration
  • Wall Adapter

    ARKNAV provides complete solution, both hardware and tracking software/server.
    Please visit our web based software at http://track.arknavgps.com.tw.
    Username: demoacc, Password: newpass

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