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GPS Trailer Tracking

GPS Trailer Tracking

Introduction of GPS Trailer Tracking

For private outdoor leisure pursuit or commercial business it is not possible to have access to a regular power supply for recharging purposes. Harsh outdoor weather requires a special device that can operate reliably in sunny, rainy or snowy conditions.

ARKNAV R-35W Waterproof GPS trailer tracking can be used when external power is not always available, or when long stand-by time is required. It is IP67 rated which means it is completely dust tight and rain proof. Its wide power supply range from 7~37 volts allows it to be attached to trailers, caravans and motor-homes.

For this particular application, R-35W Waterproof GPS Tracker is equipped with optional UV proof cable (operation temperature up to 80 °C). The I/O cables of R-35W are joined together with a panic button (can also be used as a tampering switch) to create a tampering loop. This GPS Tracker's tampering trigger is the sophisticated design for arming trailers, caravans, motor-homes, containers, etc. Once it is triggered, the waterproof GPS tracker will start sending alerts and locations continuously.

Tracking and Mapping Software for GPS Trailer Tracking

ARKNAV Web-101 Tracking and Mapping Platform is designed for personal and vehicle security markets, and therefore is the perfect solution for caravan and trailer security application. The interface is simple and user friendly. It allows end-users to manage GPS tracking system themselves, which in a way, reduces the tracking server owner's administration cost.

ARKNAV Datasheet R-35W

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