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AVL Bluetooth Dongle

AVL Bluetooth Dongle

ARKNAV's Bluetooth dongle is designed for using with vehicle tracker that has either RJ-45 or DB-9 (RS-232) connector. Each has 2 versions, console port and GPS data output version.

GPS data output version is to be used for sending GPS raw data to a PDA, laptop, PC or a car PC that also has Bluetooth communication.

Console port version is to be used for uploading/downloading settings, uploading firmware, and for hyper terminal testing. It communicates with your own AVL unit or our vehicle tracker R-9.

A. A-4R9 Bluetooth Dongle with RJ45 conforms to ARKNAV's AVL tracker R-9
B. A-409 Bluetooth Dongle with DB9 connector (RS-232) complies with your AVL tracker

Each Bluetooth unit has two versions for different applications.

  • GPS output for navigation use (version 1.)
  • Console port for loading configuration and firmware (version 2.)

    ARKNAV Datasheet A-409

    ARKNAV Datasheet A-4R9

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