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Introduction of Container Tracking

ARKNAV is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of car security tracker with reputation for innovative design and superior quality. In order to meet customer's different requirements, we have developed container tracking system. One of our solutions, GPS container lock, secures the cargos and assets with its alert function. ARKNAV devotes itself to the design, prototyping, and integration of container trackers for domestic and worldwide markets.

Modern shipping ports are huge operations and the Kwai Chung/Tsing Yi container yard in Hong Kong is one of the busiest in the world and typical of many large container ports. On average it handles more than 20 million 8 x 20 foot containers each year. Keeping track of these containers, let alone a pallet or an individual item is a massive logistical challenge. Even with the use of modern technology knowing when an item will arrive, where it is and how it moves through the system is still a challenge. Clearly, if an individual container could be tagged and tracked using GPS the whole process would be much more efficient and easier to control, not to mention, more secure.

System Requirements of Container Tracking

A customer that provides security risk management solutions all over Asia including Greater China and Australia provides security operatives to government and private firms. To provide an effective service they need to ship goods and equipment anywhere in the world securely. Shipping containers can transport large amounts of goods around the world for a reasonable cost, but they carry with them security concerns over accidental loss and theft, and with expensive equipment being involved, secure and reliable dispatch and delivery are paramount. The customer was therefore looking for a tracking solution that was totally reliable and cost-effective.

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