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G-force Fleet Tracking Equipment
G-Force Fleet Tracking

G-force fleet tracking equipment is designed for real-time tracking of special fleets, such as petrol delivery or gas delivery fleets. This revolutionary GPS vehicle tracking solution not only prevents accidents from monitoring drivers' driving habit, but also helps them to cut back fleet management costs considerably.

During day-to-day operation, the tracker automatically warns both the driver and the control center if bad driving behavior, such as sharp turn, harsh brake and sudden acceleration, occurs. The control center can also communicate with the driver by hands free microphone & speaker for preventing accidents. When an accident actually happens, the unit will send messages to the control center immediately to report the situation.

It is a necessity also for the insurance company to help identify the one responsible for insurance claim to reduce the investigation time and loss with the most powerful evidence. This solution applies to Transportation Company, rental Car Company, fleet owners, and insurance projects.

G-force GPS vehicle tracker really is an ideal GPS surveillance solution for fleet monitoring and accident preventing. 

Features of Fleet Tracking:
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Cutting back administration cost
  • In time driving behavior adjustment
  • Preventing accidents Intensive data reporting and recording when there is abnormal G force value

    Complete Package of Fleet Tracking:
  • G-force sensor and recorder box
  • G-force LED indicator
  • R-9 GPS vehicle tracker set
  • Hands-free microphone & speaker, I-button set Web-101 web-based software

    ARKNAV provides complete solution, both hardware and tracking software/server.
    Please visit our web based software at http://track.arknavgps.com.tw.
    Username: demoacc, Password: newpass

    G-Force Recorder Datasheet

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