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When it comes to GPS most people think of navigation such as ubiquitous in-vehicle devices used to get from A to B or "real-time" systems used for fleet management which usually requires a GPS antenna/receiver and GSM/GPRS cellular network to transmit location data real-time. However, there are many simpler applications that only require data logging that can be stored for later downloading and processing.

GPS Logger constantly records locations, and the recorded data can be downloaded to the PC at a later time for further analysis. The most commonly used applications are fleet or workforce management, outdoor sports performance analysis, and photo geo-tagging.

GPS Data Logger Series:

Photo GPS

K-16U Photo GPS: GPS Data Logger

    1. Installation & configuration free
    2. Compatible with any micro SD cards
    3. Unlimited data storage capacity
    4. Complete GPS data be saved
    5. Supports Picasa, Locr and Google Panoramio

K-18U GPS Data Logger

K-18U GPS Data Logger

    1. Micro SD storage
    2. Expandable memory capacity
    3. Saves complete GPS data
    4. Operation time up to 24 hours.

A-411M (MTK) Bluetooth GPS Receiver

A-411M (MTK) Bluetooth GPS Receiver: GPS Data Logger

    1. Bluetooth GPS receiver and speed camera reminder all in one
    2. Speed camera and over speeding voice alerts
    3. Speed camera data base (POI: Point of Interest) upload/download via mini USB
    4. Customized database with user utility software
    5. Four MB Flash memory

K-01 GPS Guider

K-01 GPS Guider: GPS Data Logger

    1. Displaying current location info (time, date, latitude, longitude and altitude)
    2. Always hot start, fast TTFF
    3. Save up to 100K of POI data and 80K location log data.
    4. User defined POI reminder
    5. User friendly PC software for POI editing

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