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Web-101 GPS Tracking Software

The web based GPS tracking software Web-101 is a complete GPS tracking system that monitors and manages the vehicle/personal/asset tracking devices. Our software R&D team has developed functions that apply to car security and fleet management requirements. It generates individual and group reports for fleet owners and service providers. This cost effect online tracking software is truly ideal tracking solution for ready use.

Featured Functions of Web-101 GPS Tracking Software:

  • Real Time Tracking: Automatically update the real time GPS location data. Stored history records for data search. Display GPS location data on map and form up trails.
  • Alarm (Event) Forward: Various status alerts for different events such as geo fencing, panic alert, and alarm output. Forward alarms (events) via email or SMS to multiple recipients.
  • Control Function: Send commands to devices via Internet (GPRS) or SMS, such as disable engine, open car door, and request locations.
  • Bill List: File up monthly subscription bill for tracking service and alarm forward accesses.
  • Admin: Edit user accounts and monitor tracking devices on one screen. Send commands to multiple devices for security/fleet management.
  • Geo Fencing: Set up points and areas on the map with adjustable radius. Send alert messages via email or SMS while entering or leaving the restricted zones.
  • Reverse Geo-Coding: The location and custom messages will be translated from longitude and latitude into street address and sent to the preset cell phone number.
  • Multi-Track: All the tracking devices can be monitored on one screen. It provides a platform where the administrator can manage all the devices and provide services to the end customers in real time. With the new added-value functions, Web-101's interface offers a more complete solution to manage fleet/personnel logistics and car security.

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