ISO Certificate

ARKNAV Quality Control Procedure

R&D: Design determines and defines the quality of the product.

ARKNAV R&D team gathers many outstanding engineers from different industries with expertise. By applying thorough product development procedure to control each stage of R&D, we ensure the adaptability and reliability of every new product.

Components: The stability of the product consists in the cautiously selected components.

All the key components adopted are supplied by world-renowned multinational companies. Components from as small as resistors and capacitors up to major components like modules and IC, even the battery used, have all been carefully evaluated and inspected, in order to guarantee the stability of ARKNAV products.

Production: Professional automation of production is critical to low defective rate.

Observing the standard production procedure of automotive-electronics, ARKNAV plans and programs its production blueprints. Quality control concept has been introduced into each step of production to achieve the lowest defective rate.

Product test: Each ARKNAV team member pursues the production quality to ensure the product's perfection.

All the GPS trackers made by ARKNAV have gone through 100% quality test. The entire testing procedure is conducted by the sophisticated testing equipment. ARKAV eliminates any possible mistakes during the testing procedure through utilization of advanced computers.

Arknav GPS Tracker manufacturer ISO Certificate