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WEB-201 On-line Tracking Panel

WEB-201 On-line Tracking Panel

To provide more functions and improve the user interface, ARKNAV has recently updated WEB-201 On-line Tracking Panel.
For info about this update, please see the description below:
1. Displaying distance between each vehicle to the searched location (sort by distance)
2. Allow users to edit colours of geo-fenced areas
3. Improve icons in the user interface
4. A new tab in the administration interface for managing default E-mail and SMS templates.
5. Allow users to schedule out-going e-mails/SMS, such as alert e-mails and geo-fence alert e-mails.
6. The alert message log pops up after clicking on the alert icon in the real-time map view.
7. Forward abnormal temperature alert e-mails/SMS.
K-18U Off-line Tracker GPS Data Logger

K-18U GPS Data Logger

K-18U GPS Data Logger has been upgraded with the latest uBlox GPS module.
AR-4S GPS, Glonass, 2G AND 3G Multi-band Antenna

AR-4S GPS, GLONASS, 2G AND 3G Multi-band Antenna

ARKNAV just launched AR-4S GPS, GLONASS, 2G AND 3G Multi-band Antenna. AR-4S is a low profile multi-band antenna for telemetry, fleet management, GPS tracking and M2M applications. It covers GPS, GLONASS and 824~2170MHz. (2G and 3G), and yet still provides good GPS and GSM signals to the device.
A-170 GPS/GLONASS Dual Antenna

A-170 GPS/GLONASS Dual Antenna

Newly released A-170 GPS/GLONASS Dual Antenna is just like all the other ARKNAV antennas, made with high quality double-shielding cable and silver coated conducting pin, and under RoHS directive. Its waterproof and wide operation temperature design makes it the most suitable antenna for using in harsh environments.