Spider WSN End Note

 Spider WSN End Note SPIDER End Node can cover analogue and digital data directly and then transit data back to SPIDER Coordinator connected to server host; completely solves the data accuracy and signal depletion drawbacks.

Including Coordinator, End Node, and Sensor Management Software, SPIDER Wireless Sensor Networks is the most profitable WSN solution for your career.

     • Environment monitoring/Earth monitoring
        - Air quality monitoring
        - Water quality monitoring
     • Industrial monitoring
        - Machine health monitoring
        - Data logging
        - Industrial sense and control
        - Waste water monitoring
     • Agriculture
        - Accurate agriculture
        - Irrigation management
        - Greenhouses
  • 1. IP-67 waterproof industrial grade housing
  • 2. Each end node can connect up to 4 sensors
  • 3. Transmission distance up to 100 meters
  • 4. Coordinator able to receive sensor data from 100 end nodes within a minute
  • 5. Easy Software Settings; Plug & Play
  • 6. Software automatically collects classified information
  • 7. Signal is less susceptible to Wi-Fi, 2.4 GHz and other signal interference from other
  • 8. Easy installation, long transmission distance, uninterrupted signal