Satellite GSM GPS Hybrid 追蹤器

  • 1. Integrates both GSM/GPRS and satellite networks for hybrid GPS tracking solution
  • 2. Global satellite communication service allows data to be receive/send anywhere, anytime
  • 3. 4 Inputs / 4 Outputs for extensive connection to sensors
  • 4. Enhanced power range from 9 ~ 48V with enhanced power input protection with ISO7637
  • 5. Rugged design with IP-67 waterproof standard
  • 6. Not dependent on cellular infrastructure
  • 7. Shorten data latency time
  • 8. Time/distance/angle triggered (configurable)
  • 9. Main power lost detection or input power below or above set value detection
  • 10. Automatic save and resend messages up to 1000 locations
  • 11. Battery back-up in case of main battery is cut-off
  • 12. Up to 5 roaming partners can be configured
  • 13. FOTA (Firmware Over the Air)
  • 14. COTA (Configuration Over the Air)
  • 15. Send and receive data using SMS / GPRS / Satellite
Physical Characteristics
Unit Size (L x W x H) 260 x 103 x 38 mm (±1mm) - (TBD)
Weight 980 g (±10g)
Housing Aluminum case
Waterproof Casing (IP-67) Aluminum housing with plastic end caps (optional)
Communication Characteristics
Communication Method Satellite Module Iridium Satellite module
Communication Method GSM Hex-band GSM network
Antenna Satellite External
Antenna GPS External
Antenna GSM External
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +75°C (board temperature without SIM card and battery)
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +80°C
NOTE: Battery has individual operational and storage temperature limitations!
Electrical Characteristics
Input Voltage +9 ~ +48 V dc (ISO7637)
Battery Characteristics
Backup Power Li-Ion Cell Battery – 1150 mAh/3.7Volt
Battery Temp. Limitation Operation Temp -20°C ~ +60°C
Battery Temp. Limitation Storage Temp. -20°C ~ +35°C

File Name File Size Time
IR-7 ARKNAV-Datasheet 676 KB NOV 28th 2012
Standard Accessories
GPS antenna
GSM antenna
Iridium antenna
USB to serial programming cable
Optional Accessories
I-Button probe (1-wire) and buzzer set
I-Button with key fob
ISO-7637 power supply protection box
12 volt or 24 volt immobilizer relay
Push button
Fuel level sensor