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GPS Container Tracking


Millions of containers are being transported between ports while you are reading this page, but only less than 0.004% of containers around world have GPS trackers installed in them. Undoubtedly, companies who are involved in container or shipping services would like to monitor these valuable containers, each packed with all kinds of goods, but which is the best solution for shipping. What's more, when containers carry sensitive items, it is extremely important for shipping companies to monitor entire journeys, including all stop off locations. Another problem that container rental or leasing companies face is that they often don’t know exactly when containers will be returned to their depots, or which containers are near the next scheduled job. Therefore, quickly finding out where these containers are is crucial for efficient day to day operation. If every container can be dispatched more effectively, it will increase their usage rates and the companies’ Return on Investment (ROI).


ARKNAV AT-9000 Waterproof GPS tracker has a large battery pack that provides long operating time and allows permanent installation on a container. GPS tracking systems on the market either rely on power supply from vehicles, or good stable internal power management to optimize their operating time. Charging and remounting GPS trackers on containers is not feasible in the field, and because most containers are metal, they are usually stacked up in yards or on ships, and this makes it very difficult for most GPS trackers to get a good signal reception. ARKNAV AT-9000 GPS container tracking system is equipped with the latest GPS and GSM technology which allows location fixing even when the line-of-sight is poor. Its large external battery pack design not only provides long operating times, but also eases maintenance in the field.


With ARKNAV’s rugged, waterproof and heatproof enclosure, AT-9000 can survive dramatic temperature changes and rough operating environments. AT-9000 can be permanently installed on containers, so container companies only need to match the tracker IDs and the container IDs once, without worrying field operators who don’t know which tracker goes to which container, or how to re-match them after each maintenance service. With little effort required from field operators, AT-9000 makes the system more desirable for system implementation, and improves the visibility of each container.


Allows on-line yard checking
Eliminates time wasted on searching and dispatching containers
Offers faster services to clients
Increases ROI
Provides accurate utilization reports
Improves work efficiency and visibility of containers
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