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Trailer Management

Improving Visibility, Security and ROI of Trailers


Trucks can be on the road for days or even a week or two, but they can also be stationed in trailer yards for several days waiting for the next delivery. When drivers are sent to yards to pick up trailers, managers have difficulties to work out which yard has enough trailers and which trailer is over used or under used. Trucking companies are looking for effective ways to maximize trailer utilization as well as profitability.


As trailers come and go, it is hard for managers to keep track of the usage of each trailer, as well as which trailers are nearest to each job. So, how to schedule maintenance and arrange dispatch efficiently is a problem managers want to solve during daily operations. Trailers are expensive investments and owners don't want them taken by unknown trailer tractors. GPS tracking systems on the market do provide real-time tracking for vehicles, but rely on power supplied from vehicles; so when trailers are stationed in yards, these systems are not helpful at all. ARKNAV GPS tracking system can change tracking profiles by detecting power supply connection from the vehicle; and crucially switch automatically from real-time tracking to less frequent location pinning when trailers are not hooked up to trucks. By deploying ARKNAV GPS tracking systems, trucking companies not only have their usual daily reports, but also gain location pining when trailers are stationary; solving job dispatching, maintenance and security issues completely.


ARKNAV RX-8W GPS tracker has a rugged waterproof enclosure that allows installation under trailers. With ARKNAV’s rugged and waterproof enclosure and latest GPS and GSM technologies, it can be well hidden and still get GPS reception without a problem. Apart from the regular location pinning it provides, it can also help to recover trailers when they are stolen or taken by unauthorized trucks.


Allows on-line yard checking
Eliminates time wasted on searching and dispatching trailers
Offers faster services to clients
Increases ROI
Provides accurate operation time and maintenance cost
Improves work efficiency and visibility of trailers
No unauthorized usage
Protects valuable trailers 24/7
Reduces insurance premiums through reduced claims
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