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Workforce Management

Keeping track of employees’ whereabouts, increasing productivity and improving business strategies


With the evolution of wireless communication and smart phones, the number of mobile workers has increased. Managing employees in the field has always been a challenge, especially for small businesses offering home delivery or in-home services. For employers, management and cost savings are not their only concerns, offering professional advice, and helping employees perform better are equally as important. Companies who have service technicians, delivery drivers and in-home visitors on the road all day, find it difficult to keep track of their employees. Also, when there are problems with services or safety, it is not always easy to provide the necessary support. Sometimes, it is hard to prove to customers that technicians have been sent to their location. So by implementing a GPS tracking solution, employers hope to reduce customer complaints, provide visibility for their services, and protect their employees.


Initially, employers want to know where their employees are, which customers they've visited, which jobs they’ve done, and when all tasks have been completed. What's needed is a GPS tracking system that can provide them with more than just location data. ARKNAV’s vehicle trackers provide emergency button, driver ID and hands-free speaker and microphone, which reports locations and ID codes, and establishes voice communication automatically when the emergency button is pressed. Apart from vehicle trackers, business owners can also choose to give their employees personal trackers, which not only help them to keep track of everyone in the field, but also allow employees to send emergency alerts wherever they are.


ARKNAV's RX-8W vehicle tracking system implemented with driver ID, emergency button and microphone is the answer; along with DX-3 personal tracking system with emergency button, dial out button and 2-way voice communication. A combination solution with emergency call functions that provide protection to employees, and driver ID functions that can be used for clocking in and out.


Provide business intelligence to business owners to take control of their workforce and help them make informed choices.
Improve productivity and on-the-job training – analysis between time spent on different types of customers and sales figures help managers to improve strategies and find out what further on-the-job training is required to drive the team forward.
Provide timely services and proof of service to increase customer satisfaction – sending the nearest support personnel when problems occur, and providing customers with visibility of services rendered.
Protect employees’ safety for in-home visits, such as nurses, household appliance technicians and real estate agents who sometimes have to visit dangerous neighborhoods and require immediate emergency responses. GPS trackers provides locations along with alerts, and automatically establish voice communication to help understand the status of the danger.
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