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ARKNAV GPS Tracking System

100% Real-time Visibility with Zero Blind Spots

WEB-201 Custom Branded On-line Tracking Panel

Take ownership of your GPS tracking services


WEB-201 is designed for companies who provide GPS tracking services, or are going to launch such services. It saves tremendous time and money on system integration, and helps to avoid the whole try-and-error process. To maintain your brand consistency, ARKNAV’s dedicated software team can customize the login page with your logo, branding artworks and company information.

Why not make WEB-201 your solution today and start selling straight away!


  • ▸ Comprehensive administrative and installer panels – assign devices and SIM cards to installers and fill out installation reports on-line.
  • ▸ Total control over user accounts and tracking devices – create/delete unlimited user accounts and link unlimited devices to user accounts.
  • ▸ Reports for new installations, renewals and nearly expired devices – keep track of the performance of your dealers and generate automatic system e-mails to remind end users expiry dates.
  • ▸ Edit user functions, event alerts and system e-mails as you wish – create multiple user function and event alert templates for different types of users, as well as creating personalized system e-mails that suit your company.
  • ▸ Data usage report and warning – always keep an eye on the SIM data.
  • ▸ On-line device configurator – change devices’ settings and update firmware.

Funciton List

Map View :
     ▸ Real-time locations – tracking all vehicles and assets on the map, cross checking them with geo fenced areas, viewing speed, address, ignition/power status, etc.
     ▸ Events and alerts – instant events and alerts displayed by icons and in event logs.
     ▸ Service reminder – iconic notification of pre-set vehicle service settings.
     ▸ Function short-cut – take you directly to vehicle daily profile, reports and settings, as well as showing vehicle information.
     ▸ Real-time video streaming – view real-time surveillance video of the selected vehicle (only for limited mobile DVR models).
     ▸ On-demand video retrieving – view recorded history videos of the selected vehicle (only for limited mobile DVR models).
History Playback :
     ▸ View breadcrumb trails of the selected vehicle. Geo Fence
     ▸ Multiple Geo-fenced areas – group several geo-fenced areas and apply to multiple vehicles.
     ▸ Set-up circles, polygons and polylines directly on the map.
     ▸ E-mail notifications of entering/leaving geo-fenced areas.
Analysis and Reports :
     ▸ Fleet performance – over all view of traveled distance/time and engine idle time of the whole fleet.
     ▸ Geo-fence – geo-fence reports by vehicle, single geo-fenced area or geo-fence group.
     ▸ Alert events – over all view of all events of the vehicle.
     ▸ Trip summary – a detailed report showing travel distance/time, engine idle time, stop time and entering/leaving landmarks of the selected vehicle.
Landmarks (Point of Interests):
     ▸ Import/export landmark addresses (CSV file) – addresses can be a full address, the name of the place or a postcode.
     ▸ Show landmarks on trip summary reports.
Special Feature :
     ▸ Forward alert events – e-mail notifications to pre-set e-mail addresses.
     ▸ Customize alert events – personalize contents of notifications.
     ▸ Working hour settings – set up on duty and off duty hours of each vehicle. Off-duty locations can be hidden to protect drivers’ privacy.
     ▸ Out-going message schedule – set up active and inactive hours for e-mail notifications from the user account.
     ▸ Pass-by records – view all locations of the vehicle on a chosen date in a chosen area.
     ▸ Search location – search location and show current distances of all vehicles from the searched location.

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