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Heavy Machinery

Improving Efficiency, Customer Service and Maintenance Schedules


Heavy machinery such as bulldozers, cranes, diggers and tractors, are often left at job sites or in fields. Companies who run machinery rental businesses rely on these valuable assets heavily, so it is important to know not only the safety and whereabouts of these machines, but also the working hours of them and their operators. Therefore how to ensure that every machine has been used efficiently at job sites is the main focus for business owners for both cost control and management purposes.


ARKNAV RX-8W GPS tracker has a rugged waterproof enclosure that can survive any environment where these machines are typically used, with inputs for detecting whether the machine is on or off. Normally, rental companies charge customers by the day for usage, but when clients complain about work inefficiency and delays, managers have difficulty proving to them otherwise. Also, unauthorized operation costs these companies extra fuel and maintenance fees, with no income from unauthorized usage. These machines are very expensive investments, so company owners want to have 100% visibility and control of all their machines’ operation and whereabouts, as well as knowledge of working hours of operators.


Deploying GPS tracking systems means managers will know the whereabouts of each machine for more efficient administration, cost control and maintenance scheduling. Collecting real-time GPS coordinates along with operators’ IDs and machine status helps managers to work out accurate rental hours, working hours and maintenance schedules. Job dispatching is also made more efficient and increases the return on investment for each machine. If clients ask questions about project delays, detailed reports can be provided to prove otherwise, or be used to improve efficiency of operators. ARKNAV RX-8W’s compact, rugged and waterproof enclosure can be well hidden in machines, detect when machines are on or off, as well as scanning operators’ IDs when a job starts. Apart from the regular reports it provides, it can also help to recover these machines if they are stolen or working on unauthorized jobs.


Increase ROI
Provide accurate operation cost on machines and operators
Provide actual operation times for both maintenance schedule and billing
Improve work efficiency and avoid customer complaints
Get rid of unauthorized usage
Protect valuable machines 24/7
Reduce insurance premiums through reduced claims
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