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Temperature Controlled Logistics

Proactive approach to temperature monitoring of cold chain management


Today, more and more products on the market require temperature monitoring, from the production side to arriving in the customers’ hands safely. Accurate temperature monitoring is essential for delivering customer satisfaction and cost control during transportation. Achieving high quality product delivery and product safety with minimum damage through the use of temperature monitoring has always been the main focus for cold chain management. However, temperature monitoring in transit is more challenging than during production and storage.


Traditional monitoring mechanisms, such as temperature data logging and driver reports sometimes lack the ability to provide timely action to prevent spoilage of goods, but they also fail to help business owners work out when, how and where things go wrong during transportation. Customers want to take a more pro-active approach for better management of their cold chain fleets, as well as reducing unnecessary costs caused by over-worked refrigeration units, spoiled products, and compensation claims. In general, most customers would like to be informed via alerts caused by temperatures changes that exceed threshold settings. They want to not only monitor temperatures, but also other factors that could result in temperature changes, such as door opening/closing, as well as outside temperature changes, in order to improve their operational procedures and training for drivers.


ARKNAV provides vehicle tracking systems implemented with single or multiple temperature sensors for monitoring small refrigerated vehicles, as well as an advanced system that offers multiple temperature sensors, door sensors and photo cameras for proof of delivery. By deploying ARKNAV’s RX-8W or RV-8 systems, real-time temperature readings are attached to each real-time location pinning; and door opening events are sent as independent alert messages as soon as they happen. Advanced functions can also provide real-time photos attached to door opening event messages which gives customers 100% control over each delivery.


Eliminate temperature-related load rejections and re-delivery costs.
Prove to customers that the delivery has stayed within the required temperature range for the entire journey, as well as immediate actions on problems occurred during delivery, like fridge malfunctions.
Improve operating procedures so drivers will not leave doors open for long times, and reduced fuel consumption for keeping refrigerators working harder than normal.
Photos for proof that goods arrive at locations safely, giving managers a better understanding and 100% control over the whole operation.
Share temperature information with customers to support your service level guarantee.
Reduce insurance premiums through reduced claims.
Tailor-made testing software and tools
On-line production management system with traceable testing history of every product
Highly qualified technical support engineers, providing immediate service and professional suggestions.
Stable supplying chain and fast delivery
Production cost control
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