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Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Assurance, Protection, Peace of Mind


Vehicle theft has been and always will be a universal crime that concerns all car owners around the world. Insurance can of course cover some of the loss when a vehicle is stolen, but not 100%, and not when one considers all the trouble and agony a car owner has to go through. With the evolution of modern wireless communication, GPS stolen vehicle recovery systems offer an alternative solution to tackle one of the oldest crimes-theft.


Car alarms can only alert car owners if they are near their cars when a crime takes place, and by the time owners arrive at where their cars are, the thieves have long since gone with their vehicle. GPS tracking systems are the best solution for providing immediate alarms and recovery of stolen cars. However, when cars are in areas where there is very little or no GPS signal reception, ie. inside shipping containers or when GPS antennas are blocked, it becomes impossible to seek real-time location data. For business owners, if delivery vans, construction machinery or tractors are stolen, the loss is uncountable and so much greater than losing private cars. Customers need solutions that can cover their valuable assets, and not just when GPS signal receptions are strong, more fail-proof solutions are required.


By installing ARKNAV GPS tracking systems with motion sensors, such as RX-8W vehicle tracking system with motion or theft alert and immobilizer, immediate alarm messages can be sent to owners even before thieves open car doors or try to move vehicles. Also, because RX-8W is completely sealed in a waterproof enclosure it can be well hidden, with no chance to cut off antennas, or it being tampered with. Its latest GPS and GSM technologies provide cell locations, which will continue to send out real time locations even when GPS fails. What's more, it has an immobilizer output that offers remote ignition locking when necessary. Installation of ARKNAV GPS tracking system for anti-theft purposes only requires wiring to the vehicle's power supply and its engine key. No antenna installation is required, which saves customers' time and money.


Protect vehicles 24/7 anywhere
Reduce risk for business owners
Insurance discounts
Locks ignition of stolen vehicles
Increased detection and recovery
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