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ARKNAV GPS Tracking System

100% Real-time Visibility with Zero Blind Spots

A-111 Active GPS Antenna


As a leading manufacturer of GPS Antenna, we not only provide professional Active GPS Antenna, but also offer quality Waterproof GPS Antenna and Flange GPS Antenna.

Because of its unique 10 watt RF protection design, A-111 GPS Active Antenna is the most suitable GPS antenna for using in a server environment. A-111 GPS Active Antenna is equipped with 3 signal noise filters and 2-stage LNA (Low Noise Amplifier), which will provide the most accurate signal to GPS devices. Its wide-range power supply and short-circuit protection make A-111 GPS Active Antenna suitable for all kinds of GPS applications and will help prevent them from being damaged. Like all the other ARKNAV antennas,A-111 GPS Active Antenna is made with high quality double-shielding cable and silver coated conducting pin, and complies with RoHS directives.


  • 1. 10W RF protection in the front end to keep GPS receivers from damage
  • 2. EMI suppressor filter
  • 3. Short-circuit protection
  • 4. Narrow band width: <50MHz
  • 5. Wide power input range: +3V ~ +6V
  • 6. Double shielded low loss 2.7mm RG174 cable
  • 7. Cable length up to 10 meters
  • 8. Silver tined conductor
  • 9. Interference suppression: > 25 dB (Fo +/-100MHz)
  • 10. Power consumption: 11mA ~ 13mA
  • 11. Meet RoHS Directive


2 Stages active LNA
RF protection(10watt), nano-second Spark-Gap
Dielectric Patch antenna
Low Noise Low drop-out, Linear Regulator
Low Loss RG/174 Coax cable with double shield
Aluminum Base/ PC+ Radome Plastic
Receiving Frequency L1 Band(1575.42MHz)
Output Impedance 50 ohms
Polarization’s Right Hand Circular (RHC)
Bandwidth 10dB MHz @ -3dB point
VSWR 1.5 Typical @ 1575MHz
Elev. Angle Coverage 5~90 degree
Az. Bearing Coverage 360 degree
Filtering BPF <10 MHz B/W @-3dB
Over-all Gain 28dB (typical including 4dB cable loss & Filters)
Over-all NF <1.8dB @fo, 2dB max.
LNA Characteristic K=>1 Un-conditionally Stable
Power Input +3Vdc to + 6Vdc input, Auto Switching
Power Consumption 11mA to 13mA (max)
Power Input Reverse Polarity Short Circuit shutdown
Over-Current Thermal Over-current shutdown >+150degreeC
Dimensions 44 x 34 x 12mm +/-0.5mm
Mount Magnetic
Radome Color Black
Coax Connector BNC, SMA, SMB, MCX, MMCX, GT-5, Hirose…etc.
Coax Cable RG-174U double shielded 5m, Low Loss 0.7dB/m
Operating Temperature -30 to + 85 degree C
Storage -40 to + 90 degree C
1. Open Frame Antenna , with RF shield
2. Open Frame with 3” Flanges & RF shield
3. Ant + Aluminum Base


File Name File Size Time
A-111 Active GPS Antenna ARKNAV-Datasheet 419 KB Sep 18th 2009

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