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ARKNAV GPS Tracking System

100% Real-time Visibility with Zero Blind Spots

A-130 GPS Waterproof Antenna


GPS Waterproof Antenna is one of our main products, ensuring durable quality and trouble-free use.

A-130 Waterproof GPS Antenna is the most suitable and reliable GPS antenna for everyday use. It is equipped with 3 signal noise filters and a 2-stage LNA (Low Noise Amplifier), which will provide the most accurate signal to GPS devices. Also, its wide power supply range and short-circuit protection make A-130 Waterproof GPS Antenna suitable for all kinds of GPS devices and will help prevent them from being damaged. Just like all the other ARKNAV antennas, A-130 Waterproof GPS Antenna is made with high quality double-shielding cable and silver coated conducting pin, and under RoHS directive.


  • 1. Magnetic base
  • 2. Weatherproof
  • 3. Compact size
  • 4. Easy to install
  • 5. Wide power supply range and short-circuit protection
  • 6. 3 signal noise filters and 2-stage LNA
  • 7. Silver-coated conducting pin
  • 8. Double-shielding cable
  • 9. RoHS compliant
  • 10. IP66 standard waterproof (optional)


2 Stages active LNA (Low Noise Ampfiler)
Dual Filters, (HPF & LPF (Lump element))
Dielectric Patch antenna
Low Noise Low drop-out, Linear Regulator
GPS receiver short circuit protect
Low Loss RG/174 Coax cable
Aluminum Base/ PC+ Radome Plastic
Receiving Frequency L1 Band (1575.42±1.023 MHz)
Output Impedance 50 ohms
Polarization’s Right Hand Circular (RHC)
Bandwidth 10dB Mhz @ -3dB point
VSWR 1.5 Typical @ 1575 MHz
Elev. Angle Coverage 5~90º
Az. Bearing Coverage 360º
Filtering Dual (BPF <10 Mhz B/W, LPF @1576 MHz Stop-band @ 1585 MHz)
Over-all Gain 28 dB (typical including 4dB cable loss & Filters)
Over-all NF <1.8 dB @fo, 2 dB max.
LNA Characteristic K=>1 Un-conditionally Stable
RF Insertions loss 0.1 dB, leakage power 100 mW /1 watt input
Power Consumption 11 mA to 13 mA (max)
Power Input Sensor Reverse Polarity Short Circuit shutdown
Over-Current Sensor Thermal Over-current shutdown >+150degreeC
Power Input +3 Vdc to + 6 Vdc input, Auto Switching
Mechanical & Environmental
Dimensions 31 x 24.5 x 7mm +/-0.5mm
Mount Magnetic
Color Black
Coax Connector BNC SMB Fakra SMA MCX MMCX GT5 or on request
Cable Length 3M, 5M or upon request
Coax Cable RG-174U double shielded, Low Loss 0.7dB/m
Operating Temperature -30 to + 85º C
Storage -40 to + 90º C
Option - OEM Hardware
Open Frame Antenna , with RF shield
Open Frame with 3” Flanges & RF shield
Ant + Aluminum Base


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