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ARKNAV GPS Tracking System

100% Real-time Visibility with Zero Blind Spots

A-186 GPS/GLONASS Dual Antenna

For GPS tracking systems, M2M solutions and telemetry applications


A GPS device is only as good as the antenna it uses. A bad quality antenna might compromise the whole GPS tracking or navigation system, and compared to the effort and cost you might spend uninstalling and repairing the system - buying a good quality GPS antenna is really a no-brainer!

A-186 deploys a highly efficient wide-band ceramic patch antenna that covers GPS L1, GLONASS G1 and Galileo E1 bands. Featuring a front end SAW filter, a 2-stage Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and an extra SAW filter, A-186 effectively reduces noise and increases the signal quality. Also, its unique 10 watt RF suppression protection prevents spurious radiated emissions from compromising the system, which makes A-186 not only the best solution for M2M and telemetry applications, but also an ideal built-in or embedded antenna.

A-186 is supplied with high quality RF cable and is available with various connector types. Its waterproof and wide operating temperature design allows A-186 to be used in harsh environments. All our antennas are made and tested in our own factory in Taiwan to very strict quality control standards. We are more than happy to offer a free testing sample to prove our antenna’s performance and quality.


  • 1. GPS/GLONASS dual band
  • 2. IPX6 waterproof
  • 3. 2-stage LNA
  • 4. 10 watt RF suppression protection
  • 5. Wide power supply range
  • 6. Short circuit protection
  • 7. RoHS compliant



1575.42MHz ± 10 MHz

1602 MHz ± 5MHz


28 ± 1 dB (3m cable)



Noise Figure

1.0 typical

Band Width

26.6 MHz min. @S11< -10dB


50Ω typical


Right-hand circular (R.H.C.)

Patch antenna Gain

3.0 dBic typical

Power Supply

2.8 ~ 5.0V DC

Power Consumption

8 mA max. @ 3V, 7 mA max.@ 5V (typical)


45mm(L) x 36.3 mm(W) x 12.7mm(H)

Operating Temperature

-30°C~ +85°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C ~ +85°C

Coax Connector

BNC, SMB, Fakra, SMA, MCX, MMCX, GT5 or on request

Cable Length

3M, 5M or upon request

Coax Cable

Low loss RG-174


Magnetic and/or 3M sticker


File Name File Size Time
A-186 GPS/GLONASS Dual Antenna ARKNAV-Datasheet 881 KB March 16th 2017

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