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ARKNAV GPS Tracking System

100% Real-time Visibility with Zero Blind Spots

AR-4S GPS, Glonass, 2G AND 3G Multi-band Antenna

For GPS tracking systems, M2M solutions and telemetry applications


A GPS device is only as good as the antenna it uses. A bad quality antenna might compromise the whole GPS tracking or navigation system, and compared to the effort and cost you might spend uninstalling and repairing the system - buying a good quality GPS antenna is really a no-brainer!

AR-4S is a low profile multi-band antenna for telemetry, fleet management, GPS tracking and M2M applications. It covers GPS, GLONASS and 824~2170MHz. (2G and 3G), and yet still provides good GPS and GSM signals to the device. Just like all the other ARKNAV antennas, AR-4S is made with high quality double-shielding cable and silver coated conducting pin, and under RoHS directive. Its waterproof and wide operation temperature design makes it the most suitable antenna for using in harsh environments.

So, save your company reputation and choose the right antenna. We’ve been in the business for many years, and the low failure rate of our antennas has been proven by our regular customers all over the world. All our antennas are made and tested in our own factory in Taiwan to very strict quality control standards. You are welcome to send your inquiries to us, and we are more than happy to offer a free testing sample to prove our antenna’s performance and quality.


  • 1. Sticker or magnetic mount
  • 2. Compact size
  • 3. Easy to install
  • 4. Low profile structure
  • 5. Covers all mobile communication networks
  • 6. Fully waterproof
  • 7. RoHS compliant


Category GPS Antenna Communication Antenna
Frequency 1575.42MHz ± 10 MHz
1602 MHz ± 8 MHz
824~894 MHz (GSM 850MHz)
890~960 MHz (GSM 900MHz)
1710~1890 MHz (DCS 1800MHz)
1850~1990 MHz (PCS 1900MHz)
1920~2170 MHz (WCDMA 2100MHz)


File Name File Size Time
AR-4S GPS, Glonass, 2G AND 3G Multi-band Antenna ARKNAV-Datasheet 785 KB Feb 8th 2009

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