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eKARDIA Wireless ECG

For Telecare, cardiovascular disease early diagnosis, monitoring of cardiovascular medications, health care institution management


It is predicted that by 2035, 1/3 of Europeans will be more than 65 years old, so effective health care has become more and more important. Strokes and heart attacks occur very unexpectedly, and cannot be foreseen unless they being constantly monitored.

eKARDIA Wireless ECG is an affordable and long-term wearable ECG monitoring solution. As well as constantly sending ECG data to a Bluetooth device, its 120 hz sampling rate and unique signal noise deduction design retains ECG accuracy while wearers get on with their day-to-day activities. eKARDIA is easy to wear, waterproof, and switches on automatically when being removed from the charging dock, (which also allows for easy cleaning). Its motion sensor reports the user’s postures (standing, lying on stomach, etc.), and helps health care institutions to monitor their patients efficiently. It also helps elderly people and patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases to be closely monitored at home and allows medical treatment to be administered in time.

By using eKARDIA, users regain independence and freedom to go about without worries. It assists general practitioners in early diagnosis of arrhythmia, as well as helps cardiologists to monitor medications and much more.

    • Telecare for home users: Long term monitoring for diagnosis of arrhythmia
    • Hospital & health care institution management:
       To monitor ECG or posture abnormalities such as getting off to bed late at night
    • Assists general practitioners in early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases
    • Monitors medications for cardiovascular diseases


  • 1. Wireless; easy for long-term wear 
  • 2. IP-67 waterproof casing for easy cleaning
  • 3. Portable Lead I ECG monitoring
  • 4. 120hz sampling rate for ECG 
  • 5. Posture recognition
  • 6. Real-time data stream via Bluetooth to smartphone 
  • 7. Unique ECG signal noise deduction design
  • 8. Allows daily activities while monitoring ECG
  • 9. Long term monitoring for diagnosis of arrhythmia


ECG Signal Lead I
ECG Bandwidth 0.5Hz ~ 40Hz
Sampling Rate 120Hz
Output Bluetooth V2.1 EDR with SPP
Heart Rate Measurement Range 30~200 beats/min
Physical Characteristics
Unit Size (L x W x H) 227 x 32 x 11 mm (±1mm)
Weight 50 g (±0.5g)
Material Plastic housing
Environmental Characteristics
Operational Temperature 0°C ~ +40°C
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ +50°C
NOTE: Battery has individual operational and storage temperature limitations!


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